The carpet to the living room can be the most important accent of the interior. Manufacturers offer fashionable rugs for the living room in various styles. Customer can usually find ready ideas in their portfolios and get advice from one of a specialist. However, what each person should know before making decision about getting cc tapis?

Carpet dimensions

Think about whether you want the tapis rugs to cover the entire floor, or is it so striking that it is worth to see at least its fragments. Room dimension is the most important factor of tapis rugs size. It is understandable that tapis size shouldn’t be as same as room dimensions.

Carpet’s design

The most eye-catching carpets are patterned in intense colors. Sometimes they are hard to resist. If all other elements of the room decor are very subdued and people want to revive the interior, then they can splurge and buy patterned cc tapis.

The length of the fleece

Carpets with long fleece are called “shaggy”. Their fleece is at least 10 cm high. They are soft, elastic and perfectly insulate against cold. The most will work in the bedroom. Because it is difficult to vacuum them thoroughly, they are not recommended for allergy sufferers or owners of dogs or cats. Some manufacturers make shaggy products more attractive by cutting out a pattern in a long pile. The most popular group of carpets are those with shorter fleece.

Carpet is a good option for some interior accessories for each room. It can be very decorative if it is chosen with some idea.