Currently, we can choose from countless models of lamps and light bulbs. However, many people still do not know which model to choose. So what should we be guided by when buying? What to look for?

One of the most important places in our home is the kitchen. It is this room in the house that requires different lighting. It is necessary to ensure in the kitchen not only general lighting, but also various selected places, i.e. work zones, such as a worktop, a stove or a sink, and a table.

The traditional way of lighting the kitchen is a lamp placed in the central point in the ceiling, thanks to which we obtain an even distribution of light throughout the room. However, this way of lighting has cons, namely it consumes a lot of energy, and therefore is quite expensive. In addition, kitchen furniture usually placed under the walls, so when preparing meals at the worktop we will have light behind your back. This can cause accidents due to poor workplace lighting. Central lasvit lighting in the kitchen is ineffective, affects the eyesight. In many nooks and crannies, such as under hanging cabinets, shadows form which make work difficult. Therefore, in the kitchen should be, in addition to general lighting, provide an additional source of light.

Kooku lasvit light

In the kitchen, it is very important to ensure proper lasvit lighting of work zones in which we perform some activities. Local lighting should be definitely bright, but it can not dazzle. Workplaces in the kitchen are illuminated with focused light.