Recently, more and more is being said about how interiors should be arranged, what should be noted depending on the type and purpose of the room, as well as how to choose colors, patterns and textures. All these treatments have one goal, creating an original interior that reflects our character or in the case of offices, our company and operations.

It will not surprise anyone that the colors and textures that surround us affect our well-being, creativity and concentration. That’s why their choice is so important to the interior, home, apartment or office.

Paint was the basic tool used to decorate walls for many years. Both interior architects, designers and private individuals have always liked it. Adequate, sometimes non-standard and extravagant choice of colors and method of applying, allows to obtain original effects, thanks to which the interior acquires an interesting, characteristic expression. The same applies to wallpapers. With three-dimensional textures, an important element of the decor is also light, well-chosen and arranged emphasizes the irregular surface of the walls and enhances their color. In addition, lighting is often an attractive decorative element, especially if it has the form of the original lamp from the designer or is equipped with an intriguing lampshade. It is also worth thinking about good additions to the interior.


When deciding to buy interior accessories, it is worth choosing products from renowned brands, such as De La Espada, among others. Certainly investing in De La Espada perfectly change our interior.