sculpture chair by Faye Toogood

Sculptures and decorative figurines, despite the passage of time, still enjoy unflagging popularity. Trends in interior decoration are constantly changing, and the types of home additions with them. One of the most representive designers working with sculptures and furniture is Faye Toogood.

Faye Toogood – which one should we buy?

Decorative accessories play a very important role in arranging every interior. Often they give it an individual character, complement and emphasize the style of the entire arrangement. One of the forms of interior decoration can be Faye Toogood sculptures or figurines that, despite the passage of time, are among the leading trends. Their form changes over the time adapting to current interior design trends. Figurine designers have proved that a porcelain ornament for the interior can become a small piece of art. Since then, the perception of small ornaments decorated with flats and houses have changed.

Decorative Faye Toogood figurines can appear in any interior, provided that they are properly selected. They most often appear in the living room on dressers, bookshelves or on the shelves above the fireplace. For interiors decorated in a classic style, figurines with animals or motifs taken from nature fit. It can be a timeless cat, a lion made of marble or an elephant in the color of old silver. Modern interiors limit the presence of additives to a minimum, therefore their selection must be carefully thought out. Most often they will be painted inscriptions or letters made of, for example, wood. In modern arrangements, the role of accessories is increasingly taken over by decorative lanterns, candlesticks and photo frames.