Nowadays, creating a nice and functional salon does not require a lot of resources or time. Popular equipment manufacturers offer many attractive solutions that do not have to be expensive, and with a bit of imagination, even not particularly aware of the world’s design trends, people are able to create the original interior.


Designer atmosphere

However, if the finances allow us to go beyond the scheme of popular furniture made most often of materials such as plywood, fiberboard or particleboard and repetitive, common patterns, it is worth considering the purchase of furniture from a designer shelf. Furniture created by well-known designers are not only unique, but if they are made of natural materials, they are very good quality and durable. Of course, variations on the use of polyurethane foam or plastic will also be beautiful, functional and comfortable. What type of furniture to choose depends on the preferences of the client – the workmanship and material will always be excellent in its class, because well-known design brands will never allow mistakes and false steps.


How to choose a designer?

Each studio presents a certain philosophy and mannerism, which is why if we like cavernous armchairs – we like the style of Luci Nichetto, if we like furniture styled to be cut from wood, but with a gloss, perhaps we will like Maarten Braas’s suggestions, and when we value most of all natural materials, let’s look at furniture signed by Stephen Kenn studio. The furniture of the latter artist deserve special attention for two reasons. First of all, Stephen Kenn, who in his atelier in Los Angeles, mainly deals with the design of equipment using leather accessories, creates furniture very simple in form, but well presented not only in industrial or very ascetic interiors, so even if we want to change decor, there is a good chance that the sofa or armchairs from Stephen Kenn will match the next arrangement. Secondly, Stephen Kenn is famous for starting the project, always looking for good materials and experimenting with new processes. That is why his furniture is invariably very good in quality and the series is unique, which is certainly an advantage for the customer who not only wants to have a nice piece of furniture, but also original, durable and functional.